Nov 2016
Avant premiere of Yalla 3a2belkon Chabeb
Social Event Beirut Souks by Cinemacity

Relationships, with their lies and cheating,

from the perspective of men


On Thursday November 24, 2016, the Lebanese social comedy "Yalla 3a2belkon Chabeb", directed by Shady Hanna and written and produced by Nibal Arakji, casting an elite of actors, Badih Abou Chakra, Talal Jurdi, Fouad Yammine, Dory Al Samarany, Nada Abou Farhat, Darine Hamze, Julia Kassar, Nibal Arakji and Marwa Khalil, with a special appearance of Gassan Rahbani, who conceived the music of the movie, May Sahhab, Cynthia Khalife and Pauline Haddad.



Yalla 3a2belkon Chabeb is the "guy" version of the movie Yalla 3a2belkon (Single, Married, Divorced) that turned out to be a huge success as it was number 1 at the Lebanese box office for the year 2015. It is the Lebanese movie that made the most entries in the theaters all over Lebanon.




Through the stories of four young men - two are married and the other two single - and their relationships with their partners, Yalla 3a2belkon Chabeb, the length of which is 1h49, showcases the difficulty of having presently a solid and sentimental relationship, based on love, respect, principles and values.



From the perspective of men this time, contrary to "Yalla 3a2belkon" which was from the perspective of women, the film illustrates marital and sentimental relationships bathing in lies, cheating and other problems, in the context of a comedy.