Beiruting - Events - Avant Premiere of Nuts
Jan 2017
Avant Premiere of Nuts
Theater Beirut Souks by Cinemacity

Tarek-Gabriel Sikias and Laser Films hosted the Red Carpet Premiere of NUTS in the presence of the cast: Darine Hamze, Gabriel Yammine, Alexandra el Kahwagi, Hassan Mrad , Edmund Hedded, Tarek Tamim and Badih Abouchacra,  on 16th of January 2017 at Cinemacity,Beirut Souks.


Story : Lana was born in Lebanon. She married and raises her child in this little corner of the Middle East, this wonderful shattered paradise.


This bold, witty, mischievous middle-class woman lives in a tragicomic world peopled by eccentric characters. She plays in secret, madly, for higher and higher stakes, with undeniable talent and uncontrolled pleasure.

Passionately and frantically, her and her friend defy chance and destiny.

Lana and Jenny, beautiful and uncontrollable, lost in their quest for pleasure and freedom... But what will be the price to pay?