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Lebanon in Our Hearts
3 years ago

Lebanon is a "ray of hope" for tolerance in the Middle East, said a UN expert in April.



In line with the current happenings of the country and the situation as a whole, Lebanon is a country that is always loved, admired, and cared for.



Not only is Lebanon known for its beautiful landscapes and for the ability of going to the beach and mountains in the same day but also for its rich cultural and religious diversity.



Lebanese all over the world, even those living in Lebanon cherish and are attached to their homeland. How can we not be attached to this beautiful country that is filled with energy, hospitality, beauty and more?



Together we keep raising Lebanon's name and reputation and after every downfall, Lebanon rises back up even better and stronger than before!



It's not your Lebanon, my Lebanon, or Lebanon ... It simply is OUR LEBANON, no matter what happens the Lebanese stick together and Lebanon will always stand back up.



Live Love Lebanon

Official name
Republic of Lebanon
Country code
10, 452 sq km
4.4 million
Lebanese lira (LL) US$1 = LL1502 €1 = LL1774