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10 Facts About Lebanon
5 years ago
Fact 1
Lebanon used to be known as the "Switzerland of the East" due to the diversity and financial power that it enjoyed.

Fact 2
The capital city Beirut, used to be called the "Paris of the Middle East' because it was at one time a thriving city with a rich culture and attracted tourists from all over the world. When the war was over, extensive efforts were made to redevelop the national infrastructure and the failing economy.

Fact 3
It is widely believed that Jesus Christ had done his first miracle here.

Fact 4
The country's name is known to be the oldest in the world and has remained unchanged for over 4000 years.

Fact 5
Byblos is the world's oldest, continuously occupied city and the first alphabet was also created here.

Fact 6
The world's first ever law school was founded in the city of Beirut in Lebanon.

Fact 7
The cedar which is a native tree of Lebanon is mentioned 75 times in the Old Testament.

Fact 8
Beirut was destroyed and built from scratch seven times and is known as the "Phoenix".

Fact 9
It is the one and only Asian country that has absolutely no desert.

Fact 10
The first ever people to build a boat and set sail in it were the Phoenicians who were the original occupants of Lebanon.
Official name
Republic of Lebanon
Country code
10, 452 sq km
4.4 million
Lebanese lira (LL) US$1 = LL1502 €1 = LL1774