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Lebanons 4 Unknown Heroes Who Deserve Our Respect
5 years ago

1)      The Delivery Guy
Through rain or shine, hail or flood, this brave man will get on that worn-out zero-safety-measure scooter sans helmet and put his life at risk just so you can get your Kafta wo Jebneh Man2ousheh fresh and on-time. You don't really think about him or the fact that his scooter almost skid under a sixteen-wheeler truck because his insulated delivery bag is too heavy carrying more than four separate orders, who cares that he's drenched from head to toe, what matters is your food arrived hot and you feel good about yourself when you hand him 2000LL ( less than 2 Dollars) for his effort. This guy deserves a medal so next time you see him give him a hefty tip why don't you.




2)      The Washroom Attendant
This woman has to deal with your shit. Literally. She's seen it all and most of the time people treat her like she's invisible, no hellos no thank yous. Sometimes she even has to take the role of a peace keeper especially when two drunken males or females are having a little I was-here-first toilet face-off.  She will work up until the wee hours of the morning wiping barf of toilet seats for a measly $150/month and probably have to clean her boss's house the next day and babysit the kids. So be nice to her, don't make her life any harder than it should be and try to aim IN the toilet.




3) The Sukleen Cleaner
Never mind the politics behind Sukleen. I'm talking about that poor fellow at the very bottom of the food chain that's picking up the cigarette bud you so unhesitantly flicked out of your car window. The guy that keeps the city you live in clean so you don't poison yourself with your own filth, yes him, the one that escaped poverty from his own country to come and become a slave in yours.  The one that's caught more skin rashes than you know how to pronounce just because your lazy ass  can't be bothered to wait until you find a garbage bin. Would you throw a can of soda on the floor of your own living room? I hope not, so I don't see why you would behave any differently outside!



4) The Red Cross Volunteer
The hero of all heroes. While most of us are throwing back cocktails on a weekend night this altruistic person volunteered his/her time, for no remuneration whatsoever, to save someone's life because that someone made the stupid decision of drinking and driving and ended up crashing their car into a sidewalk.  The Red Cross Volunteer will administer first aid on you because he/she went through hours and hours of vigorous training while you slept in on Saturdays. All this while he juggles a part-time job to pay his way through college. So instead of spending a $100 on some drinks tonight go donate them to the Red Cross.

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