Beiruting - Events - Yazbeck Medical launch IDUN Minerals Stockholm
Dec 2018
Yazbeck Medical launch IDUN Minerals Stockholm
Social Event Eau De Vie-Phoenicia

Yazbeck Medical invited dermatologists, make-up artists, media and public figures over a brunch at Eau De Vie, Phoenicia Hotel, to celebrate the launch of IDUN Minerals Stockholm. Mr. Göran Agardh, Founder of the cosmetic and skin care brand was present along with Mrs. Caroline Thunstedt, Sales and Product Development Manager. Mr. Agardh gave a speech about IDUN Minerals Stockholm and highlighted on its launch at International Women's day. Mr. Ramzi Yazbeck General Manager of Yazbeck Medical, welcomed the guests and explained the reason behind IDUN Minerals Stockholm launch in Lebanon. Since its launch in 1978, Yazbeck Medical who was founded by Mr. Maurice and Mrs. Amira Yazbeck, is responsible of wholesale and distribution of medical equipment and supplies. A story of 40 years of success followed by IDUN Minerals Stockholm launch in Lebanon.

IDUN Minerals Stockholm is a Swedish beauty and skin care brand with unique qualities and features. The brand was launched March 8th (International Women's day) in 2011 and has since become the fastest growing beauty brand in Sweden. The brand has a pharmacy distribution heritage in the Nordic and all high-qualities ingredients in the assortment are safe for both health and environment. The close cooperation with Swedish scientists and dermatologists ensures high performance products that work in harmony with the skin, even the most sensitive one. The core product, the powder foundation, is currently the only cosmetic product recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Foundation.

At the same time, IDUN Minerals Stockholm offers a wide, playful color palette and unique, eye-catching design. The famous Italian designer and artist Patrizia Gucci is behind the interpretations of the goddess IDUN on the packaging. The brand name comes from the ancient Norse mythology where IDUN was the goddess of the eternal youth. She owned a box of golden apples that she gave to the other Gods to give them endless youth. The apple is an important symbol and can be found somewhere on every product. The color range includes products for the face, eyes, lips and nails. In addition, there are compact taklon brushes and an efficient brush cleaner.

Recently, IDUN Minerals Stockholm also offers a skin care line, developed and produced in Sweden which, together with the makeup, is a perfection combination for all skin types. The products let the skin breathe and are suitable for cold and hot climates.