Beiruting - Events - Travel Clinic Launch at LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital
Jul 2019
Travel Clinic Launch at LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital
Social Event

LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital has introduced to the media its Travel Clinic in the presence of doctors and medical team members and the hospital visitors and staff.

The LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital Travel Clinic aims to give travelers peace of mind whether they are travelling for business or leisure and to minimize health risks during their trip.

A visit at the Travel Clinic includes a basic physical exam, a review and discussion of personal immunization record with an experienced physician specialized in infectious diseases and a review of destination-specific immunizations; also, the travel clinic is specialized in providing preventive medical care such as vaccination. 

"Travel has become a global trend and an ever-growing number of people is touring the five corners of the world. The enjoyment and pleasure of travel can be hampered by a hidden physical condition or by contracting diseases in the countries that are visited. And because of differences in sanitary conditions, available food and water sources, and immunization coverages, some destinations expose you to certain serious infectious diseases that can be prevented by hygienic measures and preventive medications and vaccinations. This is why it is crucial for travelers to get checked at the travel clinic few weeks before any of their trips to make sure they are in perfect health condition to fully enjoy their time", said Rola Husni-Samaha, MD - Chief of Infectious Diseases and Head of Infection Control at LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital.

As part of its mission to always heal with compassion, LAU Medical Center Rizk Hospital's newly  launched Travel Clinic aims to make your travels happy and safe.

The Travel Clinic at LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital is ready to welcome patients from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.