Beiruting - Events - The launch of No Bullyshit
May 2019
The launch of No Bullyshit
Social Event ABC Ashrafieh

Beirut Power Hub Organized a launching event of the anti bullying campaign "No Bullyshit" at Grand Cinemas in ABC Ashrafieh, in Collaboration with Grand Cinemas and Focus Fund at AUBMC.



The anti bullying Campaign "No Bulyshit" is part of an initiative created by Beirut Power Hub in partnership with FOCUS Fund at AUBMC. This campaign was launched on Social media by many celebrities, influencers, media figures and people from different fields, on April 28, with a mission to create awareness on the issue of Bullying in Lebanon and specifically in schools.


Among the Invitees were celebrities, media figures and influencers on Social media and people from different fields, who participated in this campaign.


The invitees enjoyed the hospitality of Grand Cinemas in the presence of its Marketing manager, Mrs Carly Ramia Habis, and after taking pictures on the wall of fame, the Ceremony started lead by Mrs. Layal El Ekhtiar introducing Jean-Claude Bejjani founder of "Beirut power Hub" NGO) and creator of "No Bullyshit "Campaign and T-shirt who explained about the idea and the importance of the engagement of Private sector in the community in order to make a change and not only awareness.


Then Mrs. Ghina Smadi President of Focus Fund at AUBMC NGO, explained about their mission in supporting Children and adolescent mental health and praised the contribution of Beirut Power Hub in spreading awareness about Bullying.


While Dr Fadi Maalouf, head of Child and adolescent Psychiatry department at AUBMC, stated that one out of three kids is bullied and that the academic results of both the bully and the bullied are equally affected, and he thanked all the participants for their contribution in spreading awareness and maximizing the reach.


Mrs.Rima Njeim the famous media figure explained why she took part in this campaign as she was featured in the Video sharing her story of how she was bullied at a young age, her words were spontaneous and genuine and touched the attendees.


Anthony Nahoul, one of the participants in the campaign and in the launching event shared his story since the day he was born with no arms and no legs, due to Tetra-Amelia syndrome, explaining how he managed to overcome all type of bullying and discrimination in a society where being "different is a big burden". His speech was motivational and inspiring for the attendees.


Arz, a twenty-year-old athlete, who lost his leg in a tragic car accident at the age of three, took the stand to explain why he too joined the campaign as he was verbally bullied due to his amputated leg. Arz talked about his preparations to participate in the Paralympic games in Tokyo 2020,as well as his challenge in climbing the stairway of Burj Khalifa in 2019, in Dubai, to prove that the only disability is in one's mind and he dedicated this challenge to every person who suffered and is still suffering of bullying .


Maria-Chloe Bejjani, 15 years old student and writer, spoke about why she participated in the campaign sharing her story when she was bullied for not having good English accent and how she managed after years to become a writer in English language against all odds.


Finally Patrick Daoud, talked about the years he used to be a bully and how he himself was bullied and tried to commit suicide and his participation in the campaign was to send a message for the bullies to cease their verbal and physical aggression against others.


In the end a video including all 48 participants in the campaign was played and will be played in all Grand Cinemas outlets in Lebanon to create awareness of this rising matter, as part of Grand Cinemas Social responsibility engagement.