Beiruting - Events - The Showroom by Cynthia Sarkis Perros
Dec 2016
The Showroom by Cynthia Sarkis Perros
Social Event Saifi Village

On Saturday, December 17 2016, was held THE SHOWROOM, set up and organized by Cynthia Sarkis Perros - LUXURY LIMITED EDITION in its new location in Saifi Village, in the heart of Beirut.



This event, throughout its four days, gathered prestigious guests including women of society, personalities and the media who came to discover a unique collection of luxury brands. This space offered a range of different products from jewellery to perfumes and cosmetics, books, chocolates, modern art, caftans and fur.

In the center of the terrace proudly stood one of the acquisitions of Cynthia Sarkis Perros, a Gucci Christmas tree, carried away among others a few years earlier at the thirteenth edition of « Le Noel des Createurs », becoming the highlight of the exhibition.