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Jul 2015
The Royal Moscow Ballet
Social Event Ehdeniyat Festival
History, culture, and art were present on the stage of Ehdeniyat International Festival during its opening evening: a charming evening where the Royal Moscow Ballet performed Shakespeare's masterpiece, Romeo and Juliet, in an enchanting and unique ambiance. The most famous English literature play was performed within a spectacular atmosphere in which bewitching colors mingled with the charm of nature painted around Ehdeniyat International Festival stage.
Twenty five dancers, from "The Bolshoï", one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world, came from the world's oldest ballet capital to Ehden where they performed artistic dances reflecting, through their body language, pain, confusion, and love, as well as different other human feelings which made the basis of the most famous love story worldwide. Under Ehden starry skies, Romeo cried out Juliet who stood on the stage surrounded by an evergreen forest.
The audience, who came from different Lebanese regions as well as from emigration countries, was diverse. The audience was from different age groups who witnessed on an impossible love that died in flesh but immortally lasted in their souls.
In addition, Ehdeniyat organizing team will launch "Ehdeniyat Forest of Stars". In this respect, the first cedar tree was planted, with plans to plant more cedars in the name of each and every artist who has ever participated or will participate in Ehdeniyat International Festival.
Moreover, it is worth mentioning here that, as every year, the proceeds of Ehdeniyat International Festival will entirely go to two associations: Kids First, an association that takes care of children with cancer, and the North Autism Center, an association that takes care of children with autism.