Beiruting - Events - Saturday Brunch at La Posta
Oct 2015
Saturday Brunch at La Posta
Social Event La Posta
La Posta invites you to experience a world-class of the fine dining of authentic italian cuisine.  Serving the most delightful dishes with a personalized service in a warm atmosphere, La Posta allows you to explore your senses of taste, sigh and feelings. La Posta, in Achrafieh, has fine-tuned this concept welcoming you every Saturday for brunch and lunch from 11 until 4pm around a rich Italian buffet in a pleasant atmosphere, where you can indulge in an open buffet. You can just sit back and enjoy an wonderful ambiance hosted in the heart of Achrafieh, where a mix of different cultures and hundreds of musical sounds blend together along a wide scope of colors and shapes transporting you into a third dimension.
Ashrafieh , Beirut