Beiruting - Events - Sailing race at LYC in Batroun & ATCL
Aug 2015
Sailing race at LYC in Batroun & ATCL

The second edition of the Optimist and Laser Sailing Regattas was held at the Lebanese Yacht Club (LYC) Club (Ô-Glacée) in Batroun on August 15, 2015.


Sailors had to face strong waves and difficult wind conditions. In the morning, the wind was at an approximate speed of 13 knots, which forced the cancellation of the Optimist race (below 14 years-old).


The Laser regatta was also delayed due to the wind situation and was held at sunset with winds blowing at over 10 knots, and provided all the spectators with a challenging and spectacular regatta. Six sailors from the Lebanese Yacht Club, the Alexandria Club in Egypt as well as the Marina Club and Hamza Club in Jordan took part in the race: Essameldin Elwy Abdelaziz (Egypt), Hassan Laham (Marina Club), John White (LYC), Abdullah Khalil (Marina Club), Wissam Youssef (LYC) and RamezLoutfi (LYC). The race was judged by an International Judge Dr. Medhat Ghazal from Egypt and Jean-Louis Zabal, trainer at LYC.


Essameldin Elwy Abdelaziz from Egypt took the first place, while Jordan took second place with Hassan Laham and third place with Abdullah Khalil.

"It was a good race, with good wind, but difficult for beginners!" said Essameldin Elwy Abdelaziz.


"The race was challenging for the competitors because there was a lot of wind and waves. The starting line was fair for everyone and so was the finish line. One of the challenges is the natural habitat with the presence of coastal rocks. Simon Khoury, who founded the Lebanon Water Festival knows very well how to organize such competitions but we have to wish for a bigger participation from Lebanese and other countries in the future", said Dr. Medhat Ghazal, Head Judge.


The Optimist and Laser sailing regattas are organized in collaboration with the Lebanese Yacht Club. Rabih Salem, President of the Lebanese Yacht Club stressed on the importance of developing the sport and strengthening the sailing community in Lebanon. "Sailing is growing in Lebanon. Our project for next year is to open the Lebanese Yacht Club House in Batroun, where members of the sailing community will be able to gather and organize events for their sport."







The Fourth Edition of the Laser-Pico Sailing Regatta Held With Success at A.T.C.L. in Kaslik

Sailors from Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt competed in the fourth edition of the Laser-Pico Sailing Regatta at A.T.C.L. in Kaslik on August 16. The races, which were held in the splendid Bay of Jounieh were a success and gathered a fleet of 8 Laser boats and 8 Pico boats. The sailors had to face opposite conditions versus Saturday’s race! They experienced wind swings from a low 1.5 knots up to 8 knots winds, which called upon all their knowledge and techniques.


“The morning was calm because there was not much wind. It was difficult for the regatta, especially on this technical course. But the wind picked up in the afternoon, which allowed us to start a new round with ideal weather conditions”, says Jean-Charles Bazin, sailing trainer at A.T.C.L..


16 sailors from the Lebanese Yacht Club, the Alexandria Club in Egypt as well as the Marina Club and Hamza Club in Jordan took part in the race.


Jordanians and Egyptians dominated the Pico race. Mohamed Yehya Khalil from Marina Club in Jordan won first place, while Omar Wael Mahfouz from Alexandria Club Egypt finished second. Moyad Anaya from Marina Club Jordan arrived in third position.


Lebanese sailor Emile Hanna from A.T.C.L. Club won first place in the laser regatta. Hanna put up a strong technical battle and challenged Essameldin Elwy Abdelaziz, a strong contender, who took second position. Essameldin Elwy Adbelaziz from Alexandria Club in Egypt is a National Champion, has just won second place in Greece at the International Championships, and was Bronze Medalist in Pan Arab championship. Hassan Laham from the Marina Club in Jordan took the third place in the laser race.


“The race was quite difficult at the beginning because there was not much wind so we had to be more strategic and try not to do bad moves. Races like this one are interesting for us because they allow us to discover and meet people with new techniques. There should be more races like this one in Lebanon. It would allow us to discover new water courses”, said 17 years-old Emile Hanna who trained in France during winter.


“Today’s race was impeccable. I accepted to participate in the Lebanon Water Festival because Simon Khoury, who founded the festival, knows very well how to organize such competitions, but we have to wish for a bigger participation in the future, said Medhat Ghazal, Head Judge.


The race was organized in partnership with the A.T.C. L. Club in Kaslik and aims to promote Lebanon as a sailing destination and promote the sport among Lebanese people, especially the youth. It was judged by Head Judged Medhat Ghazal from Egypt and Jean-Charles Bazin from A.T.C.L. Trophies were given by Cheikh Fouad El Khazen, President of A.T.C.L. , Mohammad Hassan Al-Lahham, Administrator of Marina Sport Club, Dr. Waleed Badayna, Director of Prince Hamza Youth Club and Simon Khoury, Founder of the Lebanon Water Festival during the award ceremony, which took place near the pool at A.T.C.L.



Egypt Team – Alexandria Club: Essameldin Elwy Abdelaziz (Laser) Issam Alwe (Laser) and Omar Wael (Pico).

Jordan Team – Marina Club: Abdullah Khalil (Laser), Hassan Laham (Laser), Mohamed Yehya Khalil (Pico), Moyad Anaya (Pico), Ahmad Laham (Pico)

Jordan Team – Hamza Club: Ibrahim Hnati (Pico), Diyar Hnati (Pico), Bachar Qaraleh (Pico) and Moustafa Otoom (Pico)


Lebanon Team – A.T.C.L.: Emile Hanna (Laser), Gabriel Abou Adal (Laser), Myriam Abou Adal (Laser) and Karen Ayach (Laser)