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Apr 2018
Retro 80’s Night
Nightlife Up on the 31st

Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel announced its special retro nights aimed at celebrating the 80s music during an event held at the Jazz bar'Up on the 31st', the country's highest bar. Guests including foodies, loyal customers, bloggers and members of the press explored Jazz bar signature dishes.


Sparked by the rising demand, Hilton brought back the 80s through a first of its kind event in the city. Music lovers got the chance to enjoy a unique atmosphere, tasty food as well as their favorite jazz and disco music from the 80s.


Frederic Youssef, F&B Manager, Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand hotel, said: "Diversity, best in class services and ambiance are crucial components of the experience at Hilton. Through introducing retro nights, we aim to cater to our customers' needs. There's nothing better than hitting the dance floor at one of the best Jazz bars in the city and dance the night away to pop music and 80s classics."


According to Pinterest's analytic team, the 80s trend is not about to die down. The company analyzed the trends that have seen the most year-over-year pinning growth over the past year, and seem to peak in 2017 and will continue to grow in 2018. The 80s trends are back in music, fashion and much more.


From decoration to music, the audience will be taken back to the decade of fun and pop celebrating the best music with Hilton. 'Up on the 31st' Jazz bar offers a vibrant atmosphere with spectacular views of the sea, mountains and the city and an exciting evening of live entertainment, fine international cuisine and cocktails. A disco ball lightens the bar as the DJ plays the music, and a set of wigs and props from the 80's is distributed to offer the guests the real ambience of the 80's.


The 80s featured world-renowned artists such as Michael Jackson, George Michael, Madonna and Elton John. It was undoubtedly a decade of change for the music industry. Disco was out and artists were beginning to experiment with new sounds that continue to influence today's music.


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