Beiruting - Events - Reality Expanded unveils at The Slowear Store in Beirut

The world of art came to life at The Slowear Store in Beirut in an interactive Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition entitled 'Reality Expanded'. A dozen of international artists showcased their work in the form of twelve dynamic art pieces, taking guests on a journey into another reality. The specially-designed Aria App provided attendees with access into a new artistic dimension, allowing them to embark on adventures suspended between virtual and physical reality.

"As part of the international Slowear exhibition, which has been unveiled in Italy, France, Germany and Austria, we wanted to share the Augmented Reality experience with the Lebanese market, to change the way people look at things," said Nadim Chammas, Founder and Managing Director of Fashion Next Door. "The exhibition seeks to add the layer of multimedia to expand viewers' perceptions of what is considered reality - this entailed a lengthy production process," he added.

The Slowear Store, the Italian upscale menswear store offering timeless style and elegance, hosted the pop-up exhibition, in collaboration with Alchemica (Milano), fusing the worlds of fashion and technology, into one space. The 'Reality Expanded' exhibition provided a meeting point for the virtual and physical worlds to intertwine, offering an almost dreamlike window into the future. Illustrations and artworks expanded beyond the printed frame through movement and sounds, coming to life on the devices of attendees.

The 'Reality Expanded' exhibition will be open to the public at The Slowear Store in Downtown Beirut, exclusively for one day, on December 4, 2018.




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