Beiruting - Events - Opening of Ravel Café Bistro
Jun 2018
Opening of Ravel Café Bistro
Social Event Mains et Fleurs
In the presence of celebrities, media figures and influencers, Ravel Café Bistro celebrated its official opening at Old Antelias Street. Enchanting music with champagne and Canapes made this night a special night. Mr. Odicho Kiwarkiss the owner, welcomed the guests who discovered the different lounges of the project and enjoyed this luxurious place and very special concept."Mains et Fleurs" was an inspiration of Pikasso painting "Mains et Fleurs" who marked the history.

The secret lies beneath the gift. Earth, water, air and fire all blossoming to orchestrate the essence of creation. A sprig of taste and poise handled with care. A pure gesture of gratitude from a hand to another, from a son to a mother, from a man to his maker.

EARTH - OBAR:  It was painted with sharp lines tumbled in a continuous pattern honoring what one's already bound to: history's finest nectars. Unearthing forgotten spirits to coeval in harmony with modern recipes. WATER - RAVEL: LOUNGE (COFFEE SHOP): The mood is thick with a distinctive aroma. A river of brewed beans fueling early risers unto a journey set to sail, driven by the current of their own awakening. 

AIR - CHE LOUNGE:  A wisp of silver smoke lures the gentleman down the lounge where an unsurpassed range of cigars, whiskey, and cognac awaits. A soothing fragrance infuses the air: the smell of success, and freedom.

FIRE - WINE LOUNGE: Curling and swaying to the sound of crackling wood, the shedding of warmth fills hearts with bliss and glasses with wine, melding both with virtuosity and finesse.