Beiruting - Events - Maroun Chedid Celebrates 30 Years of Passion & Excellence in Lavish Event
Apr 2019
Maroun Chedid Celebrates 30 Years of Passion & Excellence in Lavish Event
Social Event

Maroun Chedid, celebrity chef celebrated 30 years of passion & excellence at his headquarters in Beirut, with the official opening of Ritage Signature, the last phase of his three year restoration project and a special announcement by Nespresso.



The collaboration with Nespresso was announced by Fabio De Gregorio, Business Development Manager at Nestlé Nespresso: Maroun Chedid was named the first Chef brand ambassador of Nespresso in the Middle East. While Nespresso has a long association with haute cuisine and culinary masters, this is its FIRST partnership with a regional chef - both share the passion for highest quality ingredients, a philosophy to deliver personalized service, as well as a desire to create memorable experience for their customers.




The event gathered more than 1200 guests of dignitaries, politicians, local and international chefs and F&B experts, media and VIPs.




Guests were invited to discover the different spaces: Ritage Signature which included a beautiful 3D -Mapping telling the story of the Chef through the three women that have touched his life: Georgette, his mother and Lamiss and Barbara, his two grandmothers.




The Maroun Chedid Cooking Academy housed Georgette's table, which included the seasons' best ingredients and terroir products, with live cooking in the three labs for guests to taste the culinary delights of the chef.




Finally Ritage Garden had a body-painted live model in the shape of the rose that is so dear to the Chef's heart.




The Chef also took this opportunity to recognize special chefs and people who have marked his professional path. He offered them the 'key' of Ritage , the key to his table and his home. Some of these people included: Olivier Ginon, Wael Hamdan, Guillaume Gomez, Nohad Dammous, Aref Saade, Christophe Marguin, Joumana Dammous, the Horeca Team, Arlette Mabardi, Joe Barza, Tony Ramy, Francois Houpert...



'Tonight is a very special night for me, as we are not only celebrating an important milestone in the Maroun Chedid sal journey, but we are also starting new stories and adventures with new partners and collaborators.' Discussing the Nespresso collaboration, Chef Maroun Chedid also added: "Nespresso stands for some of the best coffee in the world, and this is no surprise given the care and attention that goes into producing it. As a friend of the brand, I am excited to begin this culinary partnership and start using more of its products to create dishes that reflect the best that we both have to offer. The end goal, however, will always remain the same -    to create an extraordinary experience for the customer and to give them an experience that they will remember for long time."