Beiruting - Events - Lebanese American Interior designer Vivian Taylor celebrates a new academic achievement

Lebanese American Interior designer Vivian Taylor who lives in Boston, USA celebrates a new academic achievement in Lebanon
This year of 2021 began for Vivian Taylor with tragic news she received, the passing away of her father, that she loved unconditionally.  Falling into a deep greif and while following the road of sorrow she decided to convert her great sadness into positive achievements, to make her dad proud and to set an ideal example of how to overcome life crisis with a positive attitude for her three amazing daughters.
Vivian Taylor was awarded four certificates simultaneously from Canadian University, The International Association of Professions Career College, which are: “ Lifestyle expert, Life coach, Motivational speaker and Happiness life coach.”  Despite the difficult circumstances that is happening in Lebanon Vivian insisted to celebrate this occasion by inviting elite community of Lebanese and Arab Ladies to a beautiful dinner at “Em sherif” an amazing restaurant located in the heart of downtown Beirut. Vivian inspired her audience and encourage them to use the power of positive attitude toward the negative situation Lebanon is passing through. Finalizing with her quote: “where there’s Hope there’s Resilience.”

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