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Substitutes in Fine Jewellery
(What's up ?) 1 year ago

Entering the 3rd quarter of 2021 prosperity looks more promising in Lebanon. The population is adapting with the high cost of foreign imported goods bringing new opportunities in the local manufacturing sector, like employment and the abundance of local substitute goods at a much lower cost which will slowly but surely flip the tide and make us in our turn an exporting country.

This is familiar in the everyday life of a local citizen, as for our Profession, we see somewhat similar changes, for years the end user preferred Italian products over Lebanese, convinced that the quality of the finishing would be outmatched, oblivious to the fact that all if not most machinery used in jewellery manufacturing sector are the same as the one used from abroad only detail differing is the company stamp on the final piece, not the same case today, we are proud to see more and more of local factory stamps on the jewellery in circulation, the fine jewellery sector in addition to the changes mentioned above is witnessing something unprecedented, prior to 2019 it would have been almost impossible to have a client purchasing a certified diamond solitaire outside the standard Round brilliant shape, the white color range (D to H color), and high clarity range (VS2 and above) followed by a high grade cut and no fluorescence, today it’s a different story, Bluff Diamonds are in demand, to the naked eye of the average person it’s impossible to distinguish the difference, but under equipment and in a skilled grader’s hands the differences are not gone unnoticed not only in the appearance but in the price is well sometimes being one tenth of the alternative higher quality diamond.

What is insuring is that nowadays most stud solitaire diamonds are accompanied with an internationally accredited LAB certificate which will reveal the factors behind the price difference, at the end of the day the only thing noticeable will be a bride wearing a noticeably bigger rock on the finger with a hidden secret behind it.

We are also happy to see the colored precious and semi-precious stones making an appearance again, women bearing them not only for casual wear but as proposal or wedding jewelry due to the fact that they are much less valuable than plain diamond pieces hence making it possible to have an option of wearing jewelry in bigger volume covering a broader surface mixed with diamonds with a unique appearance.

We are seeing shy interest, but hesitance in diamond simulants like moissanite even certified synthetics undetectable to the most skilled of geologists without resorting to high-tech machinery, never the less getting the sense of it being integrated in the market in the near future.

Harsh circumstances bring out modesty in people becoming more comfortable with one’s own taste and style not fearing judgment from the outside exploring the opportunities that are considered risqué or non-standard.

Hrag Hadidian

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