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CRISMANN: Always Victors Never Victims
(What's up ?) 4 months ago


CRISMANN is a contemporary fine art design brand that is bold yet elegant. This brand reflects my cross-cultural journey through its poetry, history, family, heritage, and nature. Expressing my thoughts and feelings through the design esthetic of every sublime piece of art, overflows it with subtle yet rich meanings inspired by memories, sounds of music, stories and paintings that shakes one’s psyche and encapsulates strong emotions. Therefore, CRISMANN is a contemporary blend of bold emotions worn in small scale on the body and displayed in a bigger scale in space.


Who is Christian Nasr?

I am a Lebanese designer, with a cross-cultural background, who is attracted to elegant lifestyles, luxury and glamour, hence, through my work Art & Design intertwine to transform my jewelry – beyond decoration, into pieces of art. My career in architecture and design witnessed a phenomenal change of scale and pace when I decided to turn my creativity into designing exquisite personal adornments, expressing myself in a more intimate medium: Fine Art & Jewelry.


What does your logo stand for and project?

Elegance, sophistication, glamour, boldness, manifest in a luxurious and contemporary brand. The logo reflects upon my architectural background where the coat of arm is inspired from a modern yet classical building façade and the lion on top is the symbol of boldness and royalty, while the name of the brand CRIS (my nickname), MANN (mind/thought) reflects how I merge my state of mind through each exquisite piece.


What is the purpose and goal behind the brand?

I aim to challenge the conventional, stir away from the ordinary, and connect with other people by creating bespoke, noble and original designs that transcend time. It is a forum to communicate my thoughts through my creations, and create different scales of human interaction where art and design meet beyond ornamentation to mold unique powerful art pieces.


Are you interested in becoming international?

CRISMANN grabs the interest of cross cultured individuals through its rich designs that bring out a story behind each piece. So, I’m interested in reaching an international niche of people who admire my work uniquely according to their respective cultural and national backgrounds.


What international or local luxury brands attract or stimulate you?

Each brand is unique and have their own identity. In some brands I appreciate the craftsmanship, and others the design or the message behind the piece, for example, I’m attracted to BVLGARI in its variety in luxury goods or PRADA for their classical and eccentric designs. Yet CRISMANN is unique in integrating these characteristics then adding a socio-cultural layers to the design, hence, molding distinctively one of a kind art pieces.


Being Lebanese and having lived the shock of August 4, give us your impressions!

It was a catastrophe. Seeing this exceeded my imagination. We were victims of this blast that targeted all of our loved ones. No doubt that there is a common shocking and angry feeling all Lebanese people are still going through. Yet this blast created a new collective memory for the Lebanese people where I felt hope, and by hope, I mean the need to do something about it. Our Lebanese collective memory proved over time that we are always victors and never victims.


What inspired you to do the Tribute project “Always Victors Never Victims?

The Beirut Blast did a lot of damage, whether by destroying homes, hospitals, taking the lives, and future hopes and dreams of our loved ones, whom I insist to call heroes. For me, losing hope was not an option, so I decided with my CRISMANN team to think of a way to help never forget the heroes, and to change the people’s collective memories from victims to victors. Therefore, the awakening of our new project “Always Victors Never Victims” came into existence to prove that we will never lose hope!


Why link the tribute project to the CCCL?

Children’s Cancer Center Lebanon (CCCL), takes care of the people who are victims of their own health, and who were affected by the Beirut blast as well. By donating to CCCL, we’ll be making a difference by creating a positive mindset. The Lebanese people have been through a lot of hardships, so we are here to prove, once more, that we will fight for a better tomorrow for all of us. Through donating to CCCL we are promoting an optimistic mindset that gives us hope to survive and fight. If we’re breathing, we’re still in the fight!


What is your message?

We aim to boost the morale of all affected people in this traumatic situation whether physically or mentally, and to create a positive change through donating to the CCCL.

V is a sign of victory, by wearing V, it will remind us to keep faith and fight for better days to come. This project relays a global message for all humanity that we are the people, if united in a positive mindset, change will happen. Remember, we are “Always Victors Never Victims”.


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