Beiruting - Events - Launching of SAVANAH
May 2015
Launching of SAVANAH
Social Event Cavalli Caffe

An array of beaming celebrities, along with the media, attended a fabulous luncheon hosted by Mr. Daniel Fakhoury in their honor at the Cavalli Caffè in Beirut Central District.


This glamorous event was held on Friday, May 15, 2015, to launch the new cosmetics brand, Savanah, and showcase its unique products.


Guests were greeted with a warm and hearty welcome and each took a photo with Savanah's brand ambassador, singer Nay Sleiman, to keep it as a souvenir from this distinctive event. Mr. Fakhoury offered a Bonsai tree to each, which is one of the main components of Savanah's exclusive products, as a symbol of good luck.


Mr. Daniel Fakhoury, the founder of Savanah, delivered a speech in which he described in detail the idea behind the new brand and its products.


Savanah's exceptional formulation undergone in France, Manufactured in Lebanon, is characterized by its rich composition and thrilling blend of Shea butter, Argan oil, Baobab oil, Barbary fig oil and natural antioxidants.


The brand offers a wide range of skincare products including anti-aging creams, tanning creams, in addition to oils and creams for the body and hands.


At the end of the event, guests were presented with a range of creams to sample and enjoy their lasting effects on their skin.


Savanah, a mixture of the most powerful active ingredients selected from all over the world whose luscious fusion with the skin creates a unique reinvigorating feel and boasts an unparalleled look, launches a revolutionary concept with Immortal , challenging any other brand because Beauty lies in simplicity...

Downtown, Beirut