Beiruting - Events - Launch of Bleu Comme Gris at Beirut Souks
Oct 2018
Launch of Bleu Comme Gris at Beirut Souks
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"Bleu Comme Gris", a luxurious French brand for kids, launched its first store in the Middle East on Wednesday October 24 in Beirut Souks, Downtown. Influencers, VIP personalities and media representatives all attended the successful event where they were entertained with live music while discovering the latest collections and the beautifully designed boutique.


The store is headed by Dania Ghandour, a well-renowned entrepreneur passionate about fashion who works with more than 150 Lebanese and international designers. Ghandour is a full-time mother of two girls, as well as manager and founder of "Cream", a famous concept-store launched in Beirut in 2006.


Dania discovered "Bleu Comme Gris" while visiting Paris and fell in love with everything about it. She quickly decided to open the first shop in Downtown, Beirut and was surrounded with friends and loved ones on the official opening day.


The esteemed attendees were stunned by the beautifully designed clothing items and accessories showcased at the boutique. They got to enjoy the store in all its uniqueness while sipping on cocktails and champagne and mingling with each other.


You can check out the clothing items and the store's look by visiting their page: "BleuCommeGrisBeirut" is now on Instagram

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