Beiruting - Events - LALS Association’s 2nd Gala dinner at Phoenicia Hotel
Dec 2017
LALS Association’s 2nd Gala dinner at Phoenicia Hotel
Social Event Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

Under the theme "Awarding Love & Success ", The Lebanese ALS Association, presided by writer and TV personality Mrs. Karen Boustany, has organized its second annual dinner at Phoenicia hotel on the 19th of December, 2017 in the presence of HE Minister of Social Affairs Pierre BouAssi and many prominent political social diplomatic and media personalities.



Mr. Michel Azzi, who hosted the event, welcomed the guests and talked about the various activities of this energetic association, followed by a word of the president of LALS Mrs. Karen Boustany who insisted on the fact that no matter what social status we reach and no matter how famous and rich we become, it's all meaningless if we forget our humanitarian side. She also thanked His Excellency the President of the Lebanese Republic General Michel Aoun for his kind letter in which he conveys all his support and wishes of success to the Association.



The event also featured a recorded speech by the founder of the LALS Dr Jamil Zogheib who is also an ALS patient who wrote 10 books with his eyes.



Many great artists, supported the cause by giving wonderful performances such as : the star Carole Samaha and her orchestra, the American Lebanese international singer MayssaKaraa who composed the music and sang a special song written by Dr Jamil Zougheib, the young virtuose Shaun Aghostine who offered a bouquet of his work and a special composition inspired by and dedicated to Dr. Jamil Zogheib entitled a flying soul, the young opera ballet dancer who came straight from London Isabelle Raphael and last but not least, an artistic dance performance by Nariman Aboud.



All performers including Minister BouAssi thanked the Association and specially Mrs Karen Boustany for their continuous support for ALS patients.



As usual this event was crowned with great success.

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