Beiruting - Events - KidzMondo celebrates the Holidays season with Paroisse Saint Georges Rmeil

Celebrating the Holidays season in style, KidzMondo hosted a charity event organized by OrchideaByRita and Beiruting Kids in the presence of celebrities Bernadette Houdeib, Pierrette Katrib, Cynthia Asmar and their kids. More than 60 kids from Paroisse Saint Georges Rmeil, were invited to KidzMondo to enjoy playing and discovering this fabulous place. Mr. Samer Kahil, CEO of KidzMondo Beirut welcomed the kids along with Mrs. Myrna Soueid Marketing and PR Director.

Mr. Kahil went on to talk about the unique role of KidzMondo: "KidzMondo's revolutionary concept offers children unparalleled entertainment and educational opportunities that allow them to unleash their imagination and sense of discovery, while providing them with the knowledge and life lessons that make them into highly conscientious individuals." He also took the opportunity to announce the development of a brand new Innovation Center, which will allow students to practice a variety of cutting-edge professions, including: Cyber Security Awareness, Design Thinking, Coding and Robotics. These high-tech vocations will help prepare kids for a future ever more dominated by information technology. He also announced the launching of several new careers specialized in environmental awareness, renewable energy sources, and social work, all of which aim to help children build a better future. This Innovation Center initiative is a pioneering milestone in the park's edutainment mission, and as he put it, "will be integrated into the activities of KidzMondo Beirut first to be later applied in KidzMondo Doha and KidzMondo Istanbul, and later still in Australia and Azerbaijan and Oman, all of which is planned for the years 2019 and 2020."

Many surprises were waiting for the kids, and draw smiles on their faces, among them the characters Kozmo, Ëena, Dogzilla, Leeloo, and a show presented by dancers celebrating Christmas and welcoming Santa Claus who offered gifts to all KidzMondo little guests. A special cake offered by We10 Lounge family was prepared for this special occasion. The happy kids left KidzMondo dreaming about their next visit.