Beiruting - Events - Jack Seikaly Exhibition Opening-Infrared Photography Series
Jun 2019
Jack Seikaly Exhibition Opening-Infrared Photography Series
Exhibition Saifi Village
Saifi Village Beirut-Downtown Exhibition Jack Seikaly Exhibition Opening-Infrared Photography Series Lebanon
Jack Seikaly and Galerie Rochane announce the exhibition opening of Seikaly's infrared photography series "In a Different Light", on display at Galerie Rochane in Saifi Village from June 10-15, 2019.

Capturing immersive landscapes and architectural icons on the infrared spectrum, the 21-piece series is a challenge to our perceptions of the visible world. From the rice fields of China to the streets of San Francisco, this collection is the culmination of a four-year expedition across seven countries around the world.

The surrealism of this invisible dimension is captured through the use of a converted infrared camera, paired with a specialized technique of editing images in a spectrum that the human eye cannot see. Designed to magnify infrared light, the camera most strikingly captures the glow in plants that represents their photosynthetic interaction with the sun.

Inspired by Richard Mosse's seminal infrared series The Enclave, the work strives to illuminate the importance of human perception and serves as a commentary on its breadth. With an intimate understanding of how our perceived sense of reality informs our behavior, this series seeks to broaden our personal viewpoints and challenges the lens through which we experience the physical world. The surrealism of infrared acts as a gateway into a new approach of looking at familiar subjects, the ability to view them in a different light.

All work printed on Aluminum ChromaLuxe at Print Works 👍🏼
Galerie Rochane, Saifi Village, Beirut, Lebanon