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Dec 2018
ITINÉRAIRES - Upcycled Contemporary Art exhibition
Exhibition Activities

The outcome of a long stay in Libreville Gabon, where immersion in this african environnement for 8 years has nurtured the awareness of a world more real, that lay beneath the surface of appearences in the modern world.Other pieces are painted in Paris and Beirut. This pop up event will transit in Beirut before flying to Paris in 2019, and Grasse in June 2019.ITINERAIRES was vital for my mental survival during these african years 2009 till 2016,altering my vision of the future that I already felt threatened and expressed it in 2007 in my exhibition NEW WORLD ORDER. I hold an unwavering belief in my own sculptures and paintings. In times of extreme danger to our planet Earth, alongside the great advances in science and technology, man should be able to find an equillibrium in order for our species to survive. The pieces done in Paris express the necessity of an awaikening of a universal equalitarian society. As for Lebanon  it was a necessity for me to express a boxed feeling of injustice, to what  lebaneese deserve in  daily basic rights. ITINERAIRES will  therefore be an upcycled metamorphoses of materials, worked on with colourful thoughts based on hope. Nayla M. G. 
Artist: Nayla Maalouf Guillemin 

Dates : 21st, 22nd, 23rd of December 2018.
Time: starting 5pm
Place: saint georges residences, sioufi street, Achrafieh. Phone: +96181799442