Beiruting - Events - Father’s Day dinner at the Rooftop
Jun 2019
Father’s Day dinner at the Rooftop
Social Event Le Bristol
On the occasion of American Father's Day, Le Bristol Hotel hosted a dinner party on Sunday, June 16th, that gathered 160 Native Lebanese Americans visiting Lebanon for the first time, and whose trip was organized by Supreme Services for Travel & Tourism. 

The Lebanese Diaspora hotel guests were invited to the hotel's rooftop for dinner and drinks in celebration of Father's Day. The event was hosted by Mr. Mark Doumet, CEO of Le Bristol Hotel, and Mr. Joseph Coubat, General Manager of Le Bristol Hotel, who both welcomed the guests to their country and highlighted the importance of Lebanese expats coming back to their mother land and discovering it. 

During the night, Le Bristol's chefs served their oriental and international specialty dishes to the guests, who expressed their love for the Lebanese cuisine and their gratitude for having taken part in the experience.

Lebanese music was played throughout the night as the guests danced along the oriental rhythms, bringing them closer to their roots.

The event organizers chose Le Bristol Hotel for their guests' accommodation, allowing them to take advantage of the hotel's proximity to Beirut and experience the area like a true local.