Beiruting - Events - Dr. Anthony Fakhoury honors mothers at Le Maillon Achrafieh

Dr. Anthony Fakhoury honors mothers at Le Maillon Achrafieh


Mother's Day is a special occasion to thank all mothers who spend their lives raising their children and making sacrifices for their happiness and comfort. And since the month of March is the month of women by excellence, Dr. Anthony Fakhoury, Owner of Smile to Smile Dental Clinics, invited celebrities, media and public figures over a brunch at Le Maillon restaurant Ashrafieh.

After a warm welcome, the ladies spent special moments surrounded by the spring flowers decoration on tables spreading positive vibes, and the presence of singer Joey Ata, followed by a comedy show presented by actor Chadi Maroun, who felicitated the mothers by imitating political and artistic figures. The audience was impressed and their laughter echoed in the hall.

As part of the Smile for a better Lebanon campaign, Dr. Anthony Fakhoury honored a special woman who carried out her mission by spreading joy and drawing smiles on faces, and he presented a trophy to comedian Arze Chidiac, who performed the campaign’s message with distinction. Then he cut the cake with the ladies and wished them continued health and wellness.


Sofil Centre, Achrafieh
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