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May 2019
Conference of the eco-show
Social Event

The conference has been created following numerous uprisings all around the world, most notably the one started by Greta Thunberg.


This new event, is being organised in cooperation with the ONG MAP Lebanon ( MPE department), the Model United Nation program of the Lycée Nahr Ibrahim and the organisation Fridays for futur Lebanon. The conference is going to take place the 3rd May 2019 in the Amphithéâtre of the Lycée Nahr Ibrahim starting 2pm and finishing at 4:00 pm, with more than 300 students attending the event.




While this event is being helped by the organisations cited above, one of the biggest appeal of it is that it's intirely made by students [Lesther GUILLEMIN,Firas ANTAR,Aya sofia RASSY ,Julia HADDAD & Yasmine FARAH]


The speakers are going to be 4 students that took part in the MUN international program of the Lycée Nahr Ibrahim 2019.




The conference will tackle the current ecological and political conjecture, and the contemporary mindset of the citizens that are convinced to be incapable of making a difference in the world.


We aim to rally up a community of young people to work together and with other organizations such as Fridays for futur Lebanon.

Amphithéâtre of the Lycée Nahr