Beiruting - Events - Cedar tree in memory of the Lebanese Commandos Regiment founder
On Saturday 15 June 2019 a cedar tree  was planted in memory of General Mahmoud Tay-Abu-Dargham, founder of the Commandos Regiment of the Lebanese Army, in the Eternal Cedar Forest of the Shouf protectorate. Brigadier Maroun Kobayyati, current chief of the Commandos Regiment, attended the services representing Army Commander General Joseph Aoun. Other officials also participated in the event representing Mr. Walid Joumblatt, Army Chief of Staff General Amin Orm and the Shouf protectorate. 

Following the cedar planting services General Tay-Abu-Dargham's children, Nabil and Roula, said this activity should be repeated concerning all women and men who sacrificed the majority part of their lives to elevate Lebanon's status. For their part, all attendees said the founder of the Commandos Regiment was a clean face to his country.