Beiruting - Events - Avant Premiere of Film Kteer Kbeer
Nov 2015
Avant Premiere of Film Kteer Kbeer
Social Event ABC Dbayeh
Film Kteer Kbeer (Very Big Shot) avant-première ceremony took place at Grand Cinemas, ABC Dbayeh on 16 November 2015.

The first screening was reserved for the press and was attended by more than seventy representatives from written, audio and audiovisual media outlets.A press conference followed the screening where Marcel Ghanem, Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya (writer and director), Rasha Salti (programmer at Toronto International Film Festival), Christian Bou Chaaya (representing "Kabreet Productions"), Lucien Bou Chaaya (representing " SuppAr - the Arab Art Support Group" which was the main funder of the film) and actors Alain Saadeh (co-writer) and Fouad Yammine answered press questions and discussed the film with the press. Michel Elefteriades, who composed and produced the music of the film, also joined the conference Dalia Dagher opened the conference with a question to Rasha Salti about the reasons for inviting "Film Kteer Kbeer" to Toronto International Film Festival. Rasha replied: "I had attended the screening of a work-in-progress version of the film at Cannes Film Festival and was surprised by what I saw. A production of international standard, a very well plotted script, outstanding acting and actor direction. After the screening I had to invite the film to Toronto International Film Festival as part of the Discovery section."

The second question was addressed to Marcel Ghanem who thanked Grand Cinemas and the Ramia's for hosting the avant-première and for their contribution in supporting Lebanese talents.

Discussions with the press was mostly focused on the movie and its message, direction and storytelling aspects, the importance of cooperation between the director and actors, as well as financing difficulties encountered for producing a film in Lebanon. The role of media in politics and its impact on daily life had its big share of discussions.

Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya stressed on the importance of interaction between technical, production and artistic components of a film in order to achieve the best outcome and focused on the cinematic dimension of the script, thanking the film crew for their work that contributed in the making Film Kteer Kbeer a success.

Marcel Ghanem ended the press conference by addressing the press. He emphasized on the role and responsibility of the press in acknowledging and reflecting reality in order to help improving it.

The press conference was followed by a red carpet event where politicians, artists and journalists from various backgrounds gathered for a toast before heading to the first public screening in all halls of ABC Dbayeh.

Film Kteer Kbeer (Very Big Shot) was released in all cinemas across Lebanon on 19 November 2015.