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Mar 2019
Aouni Saiidi Fashion Show
Fashion Show

The first runway show was held at the Carlton Hotel in 1960 under the patronage of Maj. Gen. Jamil Lahoud. Profits went to the development of women's associations headed by Zahia Kadoura and Jamila Khoury.


Mrs. Roberte Mclinton, a relative of Egypt's Ambassador Mrs. Abdel Hamid Ghaleb were among the figures who wore his costumes. This is in addition to the princes of the Lebanese families Jamila Khalil, the royal family in Saudi Arabia, the Sursok family in Lebanon, and Mrs. Ghoustine.


He held several shows over the years, most notably at the Saint George Hotel in 1970.


In the same year, Carven fashion house was showcasing its collection in Lebanon at the Excelsior Hotel.


Meanwhile, Nabil Khoury published Al-Hasna magazine. The editors-in-chief were Magda Al-Attar and Sophia Beiruty. A number of Al-Hasna featured and compared outfits by Carven and Aouni al-Saidi. This pushed Carven house to contact the designer, Saidi, and ask him to visit Paris on a monthly basis to work with the house.


After the outbreak of the Lebanese war, Saidi was forced to travel to Paris. He contacted Carven, who asked him why he took so much time to contact them. Saidi said because of the war in Lebanon.


Carven wanted to organize a runway show. But after cooperating with Saidi and because of the great success of the show, Carven agreed to hold its first show outside Carven house at Agalira Palace.


Carven resorted to the TV-host Michel Druker. It asked the designer to accept Drucker on stage. He refused because he wanted to save Carven house and not to get famous.


After the success, Carven house decided not to close its doors because of Saidi. The house sold its brand name to Rocher Bank and Saidi continued to collaborate with the bank. At later stages he collaborated with Guy Laroche and with the most prominent fashion houses.


Dior and Chanel asked him to join them, but he refused. He went to New York and then decided to return to Lebanon.


He organized a fashion show in 1998 at Printania Hotel. The most prominent Lebanese beauty queens and top models attended his show. Then he decided to retire.


Today, in the occasion of the Lebanese Fashion Week, he decided to support this initiative and encourage the new generation.


The event is organized by Nidal's Agency and L.I.P.S. Management.