Sep 2012
Shtrumpf Beer Festival
Social Event Shtrumpf
Shtrumpf  Beirut-Ashrafieh Social Event Shtrumpf Beer Festival  Lebanon

The Shtrumpf team has the pleasure to announce its 20TH BEER FESTIVAL which will be held on September 7 till September 16 at Shtrumpf Sahel Alma - Jounieh.

Since 1992, Shtrumpf restaurant's popular Beer Festival has become one of the leading must-attend outdoor events for beer lovers in Lebanon and the Middle East. Beer lovers from all over Lebanon raise their glasses to celebrate a one of a kind outdoor event. This event attract over 800 beer lovers per day of youth age groups where they enjoy a variety of beers from all over the world, Parade live show, beer games, music and dancing…

Sahel Alma Highway,Jounieh,Lebanon