Jun 2012
Launching Summer 2012 - EddeSands
Social Event Edde Sands

EddéSands hotel and Wellness Resort is located on the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean sea, just south of Byblos city. It’s your one stop destination in Byblos Lebanon. The resort is open day and night, all year long, and lies over 100,000 square meters. Its hotel, bungalows, cabanas, restaurants and multipurpose facilities are all inspired by Byblos architecture and heritage.

EddéSands is considered as the most prestigious resort in Lebanon.

With its wide range of facilities it caters for a very large variety of guests with different budgets.

Features include Wellness & spa, 3-star and 5-star Accommodation, Culinary variety, 4 swimming pools, VIP pool, cabanas, spacious wedding venues, only to state a few.