Beiruting - Events - Znoud El Sitt at Theatre Monot
May 2014
Znoud El Sitt at Theatre Monot
Theater Theatre Monot

Comically tragic, decently sexy, modern theatrical act performed to reflect realistic views. MARWA KHALIL & WAFA’A HALAWI joined forces in attempt to mirror the married life from one woman’s perspective; Amal. “I DO,” she says, swept away by quick romance, looks, and wealth to enter into an ever after knot and later discover that it ends up differently than what was mentioned in fairytales.



Amal, one role ironically played by 3 actresses; PATRICIA NAMMOUR, WAFA’A HALAWI, and MARWA KHALIL, demonstrates a multi-task typical woman who has to be a housewife, a friend, a mother, and a lover all at once. However, and despite all efforts, deception prevails. The authors have somehow managed to discuss such a dramatic issue in a humorous approach, thus creating an artistic contrast.


The play leaves you to question the efforts one has to make in order to maintain a happy and successful marriage. It highlights how the majority of women are treated in our society, and also illuminates that in spite of everything, she ends up lonely.

“Znoud El Sitt” is scheduled to be played at Monnot theatre starting May 16th, 2014.

Produced and written by: WAFA’A HALAWI & MARWA KHALIL

Directed by: CHADI EL ZEIN



by : Stephanie bou Eid



This musical comedy will  take place at Monnot theatre between May 15th and June 1st 2014.


Tickets on Sale at All Librarie Antoine Branches,01 218 078