Jul 2018
Ziad Nakad Fall Winter 2018 - 2019 Collection
Fashion Show
"The Slumbering Snow Caps"

The collection is inspired by the glistening white caps of the majestic mountains. Like slumbering giants beneath thin snow blankets of white, Ziad Nakad's designs lay in dreamful sleep casting incantations over the great lines of pines and hefty powerful greens that doze underneath. The magic of his touch turns the listless shafts of branches and trees of the forest into an exquisite collection of enchanting dresses. The charm of his talent invokes the solar winds from the highest mountains and makes every dress an aurora of mystic colors and intricacies.

The mountains soar upward determined only to kiss the heavens, but bend in shiver to toss snow diamonds on the wedding gown trail huddling with fluffy, white feathers on every corner of the serene helmet resting on the trail. The mountains blow divine breath over all creations and watch life flows in its rivers, brick houses, stone paths, and foliage.