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Jul 2014
ZAZ at Jounieh Festival
Nightlife Jounieh International Festival

French singer and songwriter, ZAZ performed a memorable show on 3 July, as part of the Jounieh International Festival 2014, bringing life to the stage with her funky and unconventional character.  ZAZ concert in Lebanon is part of her international world tour, which started in March 2014.



During the concert that took place at Fouad Chehab Stadium in the heart of Jounieh, the singer performed some of her famous hits including "On Ira" and "Je Veux". Live music, glamorously synchronized with visual effects allowed the audience to enjoy an unforgettable experience.



French music lovers gathered from around the country to enjoy the mix of jazz, French variety, soul and acoustic music that ZAZ is well known for.



The concert paved the way for the final musical performance of Jounieh International Festival, by the award-winning American alternative rock band, Imagine Dragons on 7 July.



The PHELLIPOLIS non-profit association, founded by Nehmat Frem, organized the concert in collaboration with Jounieh Municipality.





After studying music since the age of five, the French-singer ZAZ started her musical career in 2001 as a member in the blues band Fifty Fingers. She sang in musical groups and worked as a backing singer for stars including Maeso and Art Mengo. On 10 May 2010, she released her debut album, ZAZ, which went double platinum. It featured the international hit song "Je veux".This year she set off on her second world tour, which includes upcoming concerts in Spain, Germany and Switzerland.