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Mar 2019
Women and Diabetes Workshop
Social Event

Women and Diabetes Workshop - 12-03-2019


On the occasion of International Women's Day and Mother's Day, DiaLeb organized a workshop at Le Gym by Robert Maalouf on March 12, 2019 entitled "Women and Diabetes".


Dr. Jackie Maalouf talked about the "Impact of Diabetes on Women". Gynecologist Dr. Gael Abou Ghannam discussed "Diabetes & Pregnancy". Dietitian Perla Harfoush shared her experience as a first-time mother living with diabetes and Fitness Expert Mrs. Pearl Maalouf highlighted the importance of exercise on women's health. Liba-Nutri provided goody bags with Eucerin cream for people with diabetes. The workshop was moderated by youth coordinator & comm. consultant Ms. Christine Maalouf.


Attendees learned from the insight and experience of others and were able to acquire new coping strategies to live a better quality of life.