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Top 10 Sushi Restaurants in Lebanon
4 years ago

Mon maki a moi

Mon Maki a Moi is a Japanese cuisine restaurant located in Byblos Souk and newly also in Dbayeh. It is a cuisine like no other, so genuine, delicious, and personal and most of all ecofriendly that's why called Mom Maki a Moi.



For more information or reservations please contact Mon maki a moi at

+961 9 73 77 00 for the Jbeil branch

+961 4 44 47 06 for the Dbayeh branch





Saï is a cozy restaurant, with a warm atmosphere who serves a great variety of sushi! Saï invites you to enjoy the savory flavors of the Japanese cuisine. The menu includes a wide variety of makis with traditional and original items, as also some sushi, sashimi, Japanese soups, salads, Japanese starters and hot dishes.


For more information or reservations please contact Sai at

+ 961 4 40 30 20 for the Rabieh branch

+ 961 1 49 30 20 for the Horsh Tabet branch

Or visit their website:





Located in the heart of Beirut city, Kampai serves sophisticated Japanese and Asian cuisine with fusion from well-traveled chef Robert Muriel. Kampai is an experience that says cheers to refined cuisine and urban chic décor. It toasts the wonderful flavors of Japan and Asia while giving each dish contemporary seasoning and unique identity.



For more information or reservations please contact Kampai at +961-1-999093 or check their website:



Sushi bar

Since its inception in 1998 in the infamous Monot strip in Beirut, Le Sushi Bar has been the pioneer of Japanese seafood in Lebanon. It represents an upscale restaurant catering to the needs of Seafood lovers who appreciate a Japanese gastronomy in a Zen style Japanese ambiance. Le Sushi Bar has created original and unique sushi dishes such as the 'naked', 'crazy', 'Marinated Salmon', 'On Ice' and many more.




For more information or reservations please contact Le Sushi bar at +961-1-338555 or check out their website:





Shogun, a modern hub serving exceptional Japanese cuisine with a contemporary twist combining dining and with an eclectic ambiance at its unique bar.



For more information or reservations please contact Shogun at +961-3-030352




Sushi Circle

A cozy sushi restaurant in Ashrafieh serving you an exquisite Japanese cuisine. Known for their authentic, fresh, and unique food, Sushi circle offers several specialty items that are not to be missed!




For more information or reservations contact Sushi circle at +961-1-446943





One of the fastest growing sushi restaurants in Lebanon, Ichiban offers a unique combination and variety of dishes. In 2010, following the 6-year success of Ichiban Cuisine, the Ichiban Group went one step further by opening a sister company, "ICHIBAN EXPRESS by ICHIBAN". Ichiban Express brings you best quality Japanese food in a friendly environment. Whether you're looking for a quick meal break or sushi delivery to your doorstep, freshness is always guaranteed.




For more information or reservations/delivery contact Ichiban at +961-4721821 or check out their website:





An asian cuisine located in Zouk, Lekimono offers beautifully served and unique culinary creations. The menu includes a wide selection of rolls, soups, tempuras, salads, wraps, sashimi, teriyaki, and Le kimono's famous freestyle and desert maki.




For more information or reservations please contact Le kimono at +961-9-211999






The Internationally acclaimed Japanese restaurant Yabani opened its doors in Achrafieh, Beirut in 2000, to a gastronomic flair of Asian fusion. 
After 14 years of success making it the number one destination for Japanese cuisine aficionados, Yabani relocated to Beirut's Central District. 
In addition to YABANI, Y by YABANI is the inspired place of YABANI Located now in Lebanon in 3 locations, Beirut Souk, Antelias, Kaslik, and Dubai, Jumeira City Walk.




For more information or reservations please contact Yabani at +961-4-716758





Nippon is among the first concepts that have conquered Lebanon, one of the few places that serve a variety of traditional dishes, all prepared according to a 1000 year old Japanese recipe. Our passion for the Japanese culinary art led us to an obsession: "Cooking for friends". Have a seat at our Teppanyaki grill and your personal chef will cook, live in front of you, delicious meals in the most fun-filled dining adventure; or discover the delicious world of Sushi, and enjoy the freshest fish delicacies the ocean has to offer.




For more information or reservations please contact Nippon at +961-9-854009 or check their website:


Bon Appetit, Sahtein!

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