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Top 6 Major Causes of Traffic Jam in Lebanon
3 years ago

1. Rubbernecking near an accident
The term "rubbernecking" refers to the actual physical movement of the neck performed in order to get a better view. Especially when accidents occur, hundreds of people turn their heads and stare over and over again for hours.

Oh well, curiosity killed the cat :P




2. Huge holes on the roads

Because Lebanon's roads are compatible with the traffic laws .... We all got used to Lebanon's roads, but some holes are just not acceptable. If you are speeding and you don't see it, it can break your car and create traffic. Some roads are tight and do not deserve to be called "roads".



3.When you stay for about 30minutes not moving wondering what's going on:

It's either a truck that is filled with material driving so slow in the middle of the day during rush hour




A construction site located on this road that takes up most of the road with its equipment and trucks... (Truck in - Truck out)




4. When the valet create a second lane for parking:

This usually happens in small jammed roads such as Mar Mikhael, Hamra, Gemmayze, Jounieh, and Antelias.

Valet parkers would have to use off-street locations to park cars. ... parked vehicles sometimes causes some pretty big traffic snarls.





5. A policeman who doesn't know how to direct the cars and makes much more traffic than before.

Traffic lights are there for a reason! I always find it funny and absurd to see a police man standing directing the traffic and telling me to drive when it's a red light for me.... Hello? What are you trying to do?




6. Creating 7 lanes on a highway that only fits 5, people think that this will reduce the traffic but GUESS WHAT, it won't because sooner or later the lanes will merge into fewer and fewer lanes....


Most importantly, don't text and drive and wear your seat belts!

At the end of the day you will get to your destination; to be on the safe side, we recommend you leave ahead of time because you never know why and when there would be traffic.



Turn on the radio and enjoy the music while stuck in traffic :)


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