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Tom Fletcher walks from Batroun to Beirut
5 years ago

HE Tom Fletcher, British Ambassador to Lebanon, is touring our country and promoting Lebanon as a touristic destination on his final days as the British Ambassador.



Fletcher says: "This week I walked the coast of Lebanon, from Hamat to Beirut. I wanted to find a way to say goodbye to people that was not about protocol-heavy meetings with leaders in air conditioned rooms."



They started at Hamat, the military base where UK trainers are working with the Lebanese Land Border regiments to maintain peace.



On day 2, Fletcher had lemonade in Batroun, and then walked all the way from Batroun to Jbeil where he visited the souks and met up with some locals. Fletcher said: "Byblos is one of the most special places in the world, and somewhere I have always come to think." While in jbeil, Fletcher enjoyed "the script" concert that was held on July 14th at the Byblos international festival.



On Day 3, they visited Jounieh and Harissa and spent th evening at Keserwan wearing a traiditonal Lebanese costume during a dinner ceremony held in his honor. Later on, he visited the Jounieh souks, walked all the way to Nahr el Kalb where he visited the different monuments, passed by Beirut's port to show support to the Lebanese economy before reaching his final destination at Martyrs Square in Beirut.



HE Tom Fletcher may no longer be an ambassador to Lebanon but he's from now an ambassador for Lebanon and he's a perfect fit for the job. He ends his journey by saying: "As I saw and heard again over four days, never underestimate the Lebanese people."



Thank you Tom Fletcher your great accomplishments and love for Lebanon, we will miss you. We hope you will come visit us soon.

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