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13 Things You Miss When You Leave Lebanon-Part 1
1 year ago

Whether you love it or hate it, you've all complained about Lebanon at least once (or 100 times) in your life. It's excusable, given the political unrest, power outages, water shortages, corruption, and... well the list is endless. What's surprising though, is you often find yourself missing this incomplete country and these are several things that you might catch yourself reminiscing about.



1. Power outages

Other countries have too much of it anyway



2. Political rivalry

We love being kept on our toes


3. Family feuds

How else would you resolve the inequality of land if you didn't resort to violence and the silent treatment?



4. Traffic & potholes

Damage looks great on our cars



5. Road rage

Gives us an opportunity to let off some steam


6. Beach entrance fees

Because $25+ entrance fee is normal



7. Cat calls

Blind dates and friendly introductions are too mainstream



8. Useless stoplights

Their constant flickering contribute to the vibrant city lights




9. Slow internet

A YouTube video a day is more than enough



10. "School's out" rush hour

Our afternoons wouldn't be the same without screaming children and an excess of school busses


11. Lack of parking spots

It's so much fun waiting in your car for the person that double parked next to you to move his



12. Garbage and pollution

Fresh air makes the breeze appear incomplete


13. Negative/corrupt people

People actually enjoy being lied to, cheated on, and stolen from.


Disclaimer for the unfunny: this was a sarcastic post. Tune in for part two and what you will really miss when you catch a flight out of here.

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