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Most Annoying People During Traffic in Lebanon
2 years ago

Just after war criminals come the second worst human beings in the world and that are people in traffic. Just kidding of course. There’s a lot worse people that annoying people in traffic, but let us tell you about the 10 annoying things that people stuck in traffic do in Lebanon.


1.Switching Lanes Guy


Honestly, has switching lanes during traffic ever helped anyone? Ohh that lane is going faster, let’s all switch sides. No!


2.Honking Unnecessarily Guy

Why? We are all stuck and going nowhere. What is the point to your constant honking. It’s worse than the traffic itself. Please let out your frustration in another way. Maybe you could listen to good music or keep a chocolate hidden somewhere to snack on… We don’t know! Be creative. Your honking will lead us nowhere.


3.Curious Guy


These guys who are basically everyone are the people who slow down cause the messy traffic just to see how bad the car accident is. They end up slowing down and causing the traffic to be even worse just so they can satisfy their curiosities. Seriously will never understand these type of people.


4.Texting Guy


It’s bad enough that we are stuck in traffic. It’s even worse if you are texting. Let us justify ourselves. Sometimes there are people who get so into the texting that they get lost in their own little texting world and cause a complete stop when the traffic in front of them have already moved on. Text… don’t text… We don’t care about your safety. We care about getting out of this traffic ASAP!


5.Will Do Anything to Pass You Guy


Sometimes, there’s someone who will do the impossible just to be ahead of you by one car. This includes flickering car headlights. Honking some more. Yelling? Sometimes, you just have to let this guy go. Good job annoying guy. You are ahead by ONE car. Are you any closer to your destination?


6.Pulling Infront Then Slowing Down


And then there’s this person who did everything just to get ahead of you JUST to slow down when he’s ahead. Moveee!!! There’s a perfect Arabic term to describe this guy, but we have to keep this site somewhat PG friendly.


7.Flickering Lights Guy


Speaking of the “Will do anything to pass you guy” reminded us of the flickering lights guy. If you are driving at night, you will know who we are talking about. Heck… even during broad daylight they do it. This guy is the car right behind you. Stuck to you. Creeping closer and closer and flickering their headlights like crazy. Traffic or no traffic, they will do it. Why? They’re bored… Their mothers didn’t give them enough love or attention… They didn’t get that bicycle for Christmas. Who knows…


8.Not Using Turn Signals Guy


The worst thing ever in traffic is when it finally opens up and you are driving a little over 40 km/hr is to be behind a person who randomly decides time for him/her to turn into that street off the highway. Thanks for the warning pal. We all internally scream at this guy and curse at them then move on with our lives.


9. Blocking The Ambulance’s Way Guy


This guy will not give up his space for anyone. Not even the ambulance. Now we aren’t here to judge but REALLY? There could be someone dying in that van.


10.Following The Ambulance Guy


Yes. That’s exactly what the ambulance’s job is. They clear the path for you during traffic so that all you smart people can follow and get to your destination 30 seconds before you were supposed to.


Disclaimer: Some of these photos were not taken in Lebanon but were used for the purpose of providing a visual to each scenario.


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