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Lebanese Beauty Becomes the Face of Kinder Middle East
3 years ago

You cannot pass by Mikaella and not notice her.


Her exceptional beauty and her blue eyes captured not only the eyes and hearts of those who have met her in person, but also the attention of worldwide companies like Gap, and Kinder! conducted a small talk with mommy Jihan, from which Mikaella probably earned her remarkable Sky-Blue eye color.


1-Who discovered Mikaella?

I have encountered many people who kept telling me since she was still a baby how beautiful she was and how capturing her eyes were. So I decided to let her enter the ‘Gap Kids’ competition. The competition revolved around the concept of earning the highest number of votes. Mikaella was one of the lucky finalists and earned 1000+ votes among thousands of kids who earned around 500 votes max making her the face of Gap Kids 2014



2-How did she enter the Kinder competition?

After the Gap Kids competition, I sent Mikaella’s picture to the official Kinder page as they organize each year their annual competition to choose the face of Kinder. I was amazed by receiving a reply from them admiring her beauty and they wished us good luck. Then few months later, I received a call from Dubai asking me to bring her down for a photo-shoot for she has been chosen as the face of Kinder Middle East 2016/2016.



3.Was her now famous Kinder picture part of the photoshoot?


Honestly no, it was one of many pictures we took of her on her 5th birthday viewing the theme was Kinder. So I took the pictures and uploaded them on her personal Instagram page which I run for her.



4-How do you picture Mikaella’s future in modeling?

Honestly, all that I did was creating beautiful memories for my daughter. I am not seeking any revenues in return I just want her to have fun and look back when she’s older to those beautiful flashbacks. If she wishes to pursue a career in modeling I am not to stop her, it’s her choice in life if she wants to keep modeling or not.



You can check the photo-shoot from the Gap Kids competition through this link:

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