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19 year old Lebanese works with NASA
3 years ago

To her hometown “Kfarfakoud”in Shouf, Mount Lebanon, young Maya Radwan Nasr who’s ultimate dream is to build her own Space Station, is back to spend a short vacation that will last till June 24, before heading back to the United States.


Maya is every teacher’s dream: She is the first eligible Arab student to earn a scholarship in Aerospace Engineering from MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Maya aced her second college year and earned a high number of awards and prizes, in addition to many Job offers following her teachers’ recommendations. She is currently working on several projects:



-MIT Kit Cube Satellite Project in which she is responsible of Propulsion System

-MOXIE or Mars 2020 Rover which is a machine that aims to transform the CO2 in Mars to Oxygen so the astronauts could breathe. She is the only one working on this project from her group and it is in collaboration with NASA

-Astronauts Rotation in Microgravity to be done next year



Maya who is the only Lebanese among a group of ambitious prodigies (3 of them are Europeans and the others are Americans) was lucky enough to several astronauts during her journey but she dreams of meeting whom she calls the living legend “Stephen Hawking”.


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