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You Know You're Lebanese When...
3 years ago
You Know You're Lebanese...

1. When someone greets you with HI KIFAK CA VA?

2. I'll be there in 5 mins (when his 5mins turns into 5 hours)

3. When you use the English words in your own Lebanese style(Takkaset,Farmatet,sayavet,akkaset,gawgaled etc...)

4. When the airplane lands and all the lebanese people clap

5. When you follow up an ambulance to reach your destination faster

6. When the electricity goes off and that's something SO NORMAL for US

7. When ur 3g connection is actually faster than the WI-FI

8. When every vacuum cleaner is a Hoover...every food blender is a Moulinex and every tissue is a klinex

9. When you make a joke out of every tragedy

10. When...if you're asked about something and u know the answer but its too long...u just say I DONT KNOW!

11. When you clap at the end of a movie (dude they can't hear you!)

12. When you always fight over who pays the bill

13. When you have at least one relative who's an immigrant

14. When you can't do anything in life unless you have a "wasta" (connections)

15. When your daily (and main) topic is about being Lebanese and suffering from Garbage!
Official name
Republic of Lebanon
Country code
10, 452 sq km
4.4 million
Lebanese lira (LL) US$1 = LL1502 €1 = LL1774