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LEBANON tops the 2ND in Miss World 2015
3 years ago

After a few days in Sanya, a lot of things have changed in Miss World´s Leaderboard. China and the United States, for instance, have dropped from the Top 5 to the Top 25. Vietnam and Poland have taken their spots and are now 4th and 5th, respectively.



rance, up one notch, is in third place, while Lebanon took the lead by a "detail" in a fierce battle against Brazil. These two remain solid favorites for the crown!



Philippines has moved one position up and is now in 6th place, very close to the Top 5. Australia and India are newcomers in GB´s Top 10.



Anyhow, there´s a lot to happen in Miss World 2015 yet, it has just started in Sanya. Our next update will happen on December 7th, stay tuned!




The judges and their Top 3 choices:

Donald Nguyen of Vietnam: France, Brazil, Poland
Sally-Ann Fawcett of the UK: Brazil, Philippines, Lebanon
Jimmy McLean of the UK: Denmark, Sweden, Venezuela
Heidar Jonsson of Iceland: Vietnam, Sweden, Brazil
Damian Stroinski of Poland: Lebanon, Brazil, Poland
Edwin Toledo of Puerto Rico: Lebanon, Poland, France
Jean-Marie Vandercasteele of Belgium: Thailand, Italy, Brazil
Joshua Brightside of Brazil: Australia, Philippines, France
Paul Palmero of Philippines: Lebanon, Vietnam, Colombia
Maryna Gudzevata of Ukraine: Poland, Lebanon, Vietnam
Peter Sereno of Australia: Brazil, Lebanon, Chile [globalbeauties]

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