Jul 2018
Sunday Brunch & Lunch at Kempinski
Social Event Kempinski Summerland Hotel
Kempinski Summerland Hotel  Damour Social Event Sunday Brunch & Lunch at Kempinski Lebanon

Kempinski Summerland are back to hosting their famous weekly Sunday brunch at Candelabra & Lunch at Pier78 for you & your family!



At Candelabra: a weekly themed star dish, accompanied by a mushroom station, healthy corner, cheese station & fondue, oyster & sushi corner, seafood corner, salmon station, pasta, shawarma, Lebanese corner & a Lamb station; all starting 65USD.



At Pier 78: A variety of Lebanese dishes and a signature cataplana, overlooking one of Beirut's most breathtaking sea views starting 55USD/adult, and free of charge for kids & their nannies.



For reservation: 81/312004