Feb 2016
Silvio Chiha’s Lebanon Through My Eyes book signing
Social Event Virgin Megastore

Lebanon's hidden gems take center stage in Silvio Chiha's book as it showcases a Lebanon that many haven't seen before. "Lebanon Through My Eyes" is a collection of photographs of the young champion as he moves through exquisite locations around the country. The proceeds of the book were chosen to go solely to BASSMA, an NGO dedicated to empowering families and alleviating hardships in order to enhance quality of life in underprivileged families.


Virgin Megastore hosted Silvio Chiha's book signing on February 13th, that was attended by H.E. Michel Pharaoun, Minister of Tourism, and a great number of the champion's fans and friends. BASSMA's President and founder, Ms. Sandra Klat, expressed her sincere gratitude for Silvio's tremendous effort in portraying the country in a beautifully positive manner, and for his generosity in lending a hand to those who are less fortunate.