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Jul 2019
Rami Kadi Fall Winter 2019-20 Collection
Fashion Show
The Rami Kadi couture collection for Fall Winter 2019-20 is entitled "The Temple of Flora" after the 18th Century print portfolio that served as its main inspiration.

The collection is a thorough exploration of the Flower in all incarnations possible. As such, it is an endeavor to emancipate it from its conventional associations with prettiness and delicacy, and to look into the possibilities of frivolity, mischief, and audacity that lie at the heart of the Flower; hence the amalgam of botanical shapes that the collection features.

Some designs feature a crisp and bold depiction with sonorous textures, while others maintain a rarified and airy style, with the fabric light, translucent, and ethereal. Ultimately, this is a flight of inquisition into whether there is, beyond all forms, colors, and textures, any fil conducteur that runs - literally - and endows the Flower with its true Platonic essence. 

The Temple of Flora highlights novel techniques of handcrafting such as hand-painted plastic leaves, laser-cut techniques and 3D-knitted iridescent sequins with ombré of feathers inspired from the depth of flowers' petals. "If the act of self-contemplation has turned Narcissus into a flower, maybe the opposite was equally true; maybe the act of contemplating upon a flower can emancipate us from ourselves and release all of the personae that dwell inside them."

This experiment culminates in certain silhouettes where the form gets completely pixilated, leaving us with a grid of color that nonetheless retains a flowery gasp - almost a scent.