Jul 2018
Rami Kadi FW19 Couture Collection Ometeo
Fashion Show

Gender is a show. A grand Broadway performance of visual displays and defined conceptions. This is a bold wake up call to disrupt the scene right down to the DNA. To challenge expectations. Highlight fluidity and spectrum. Be strong, powerful and daring. Stand out and embrace difference. It's a vision of innovation. Of busy action reflected in a loud collection heavily influenced by men's tailoring with hounds tooth textile patterns,checkers, tweed, plaid, flaps, pockets and collars. Man meets woman and woman meets man. Lines become blurred in an exploration of androgyny and a sumptuous celebration of masculinity and femininity in one.


Men's tailoring is reimagined and made glamorous. Technology breathes new life into classic inspirations with laser cut 3D effect holographic sequins. Luxurious and timeless materials mingle with 21st century rebels such as aluminium foil, bullet metal and plastic. Intricate embroidery confronts transparency. Sequin sheets of plaid plus small and large motifs compete for attention. A rainbow of colours finds expression in each creation. The edgy cuts of men's blazers and shirts collide with the smooth cuts of dresses. Waistcoats become corsets. Suit style dominates. Divergent hats, boots, sunglasses and accessories accentuate the intense flurry. All this merges to create transformative allure that crosses and bends identity.





A play on Ometeotl, the Aztec deity. It is quiet fitting given his/her characteristics, plus Aztec art has bold colours and patterns.

"Ometeotl was thought of as being simultaneously male and female, with the names Ometecuhtli and Omecihuatl. Neither were much represented in Aztec art, though, perhaps in part because they could be conceived more as abstract concepts than anthropomorphic beings. They represented the creative energy or essence from which the power of all other gods flowed. They existed above and beyond all the cares of the world, with no interest in what actually happens." https://www.thoughtco.com/ometeotl-aztec-god-of-duality-248590